Talent never graduates.

On The Rocks was founded in 1999 by Leo DaSilva and Peter Hollens when they attended the University of Oregon. The group established itself through five albums with an EP, a viral video of Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance, and appearances on NBC’s show “The Sing Off”. And now they are a new group of twelve living up to their past of fame and notoriety. You may ask us, “Why don’t you sing Lady Gaga?” or “Where are the guys from the ‘Sing Off’?” Sadly those days are gone. Those who graduated left us a great legacy and we look up to their talent every time we sing. But talent never graduates. Talent built this group from a time before the boom of TV shows and viral videos, because having the time of our lives has always been the goal and will continue to be forever. So know this: Every time we perform, we step on stage with the vigor of every man who has ever sang in our name. On. The. Rocks.
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